Outdoors is important at North Cheshire Jewish Nursery as we appreciate children can play louder, bigger and messier, this allowing for spontaneous uninterrupted learning. Each experience is completely unique to the outdoors; resources are open ended offering a wider range of possibilities. Outdoors children discover, collaborate, take risks and move freely in the carefully though out environments.

We are very lucky to have a wonderful environment around us. We visit Teletubby hills next door and Gruffalo forest. The children love the freedom of outside, feeding the ducks and birds. We also have a park close by that we can walk to.

Practitioners embrace all weathers, teaching children about the unique seasons of the year and the many possibilities that come with different weather.

We learn about healthy foods and grow our own fruits and veg.

We take opportunities to visit the library and local shops to buy fruit and vegetables.

Children can use equipment provided to build their own obstacle courses, in a safe environment.