Our Philosophy

Providing a secure environment where children are able to explore and learn in fun and engaging ways so that they can reach their full potential.


Whilst we celebrate and learn about different beliefs and experiences, we provide an ethos where children feel proud of their Jewish heritage and culture so that they can play an important part in their community, while also promoting their British values to enable the children to become positive members of wider society.

A Message from our Head and Trustees

I have been the head of the nursery since opening in 2006, involved in child care for over 25 years and am dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our children.

We have a fantastic, highly qualified, staff team to help create a secure and stimulating environment underpinned by the Jewish ethos.

Our children's emotional wellbeing and intellectual development is at the heart of everything we do.

Carol Lewis

Nursery Manager

Welcome to North Cheshire Jewish Nursery which was set up in September 2006 to serve the Jewish community of South Manchester. This is a fantastic purpose-built facility with all the amenities needed to nurture, care for and educate preschool children. The nursery is next door to North Cheshire Jewish Primary School and, for those children that graduate to that school, it provides a seamless transition.

Although the day-to-day running of the nursery is expertly handled by Carol Lewis and her amazing team, behind the scenes a management committee gives support and advice and helps to ensure its smooth running . The management committee consists of Ginette Esterkin (chair), Simmy Shammah (safeguarding officer) and Gail Swerling and this year we are planning on adding a parent/carer to the committee. Our contact details are available in nursery. We provide back-up in all areas of the nursery management, holding regular meetings with the nursery manager to discuss any issues arising and help to implement any necessary upgrades.

The government advice on nursery provision changes regularly and at NCJN we work hard to incorporate the most up-to-date practice and ideology in nursery care to give your children the best start life.

Board of Trustees